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From: Jesper Sorensen

Oberwil, Switzerland.

In 2021 I discovered a secret that would flip everything upside down and change my diabetic health drastically (for the better!).

I  discovered what I call an “outside of the box” method to reversing diabetes that allows me to have permanent stable blood sugars. I say outside of the box method, because this strategy is not well known in our society today, yet it really works!

Let me explain!…

People today struggle with type 2 diabetes even when on medications, simply because they don´t understand the real cause of it, and don´t really know what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. 


But I was lucky to come across some people who had studied biochemistry, and who had a completely new take on type 2 diabetes than what most health proffesionals have. And that information helped me tremendously in discovering how to live to reverse type 2 diabetes.

So much that I now have permanent stable blood sugars!

Yes it´s true and you can have that too!

Let´s face it, most health care proffesionals don´t know what the cause of diabetes is, and they have only been taught by the medicinal companies to prescribe drugs to their patients. Most of them don´t actually have nutritional training.

Now please don´t get me wrong!. I´m not saying your doctors advice don´t count and that medications aren´t good for the treatment of diabetes. For of course diabetes medications are important when diabetes is discovered to help people quickly lower their blood sugar. But thereafter something else needs to happen.

And that something else is addressing the underlying cause of diabetes, and not just the high blood sugars which is onlz a symptom of diabetes, and not the real disease.

Like I said, I was able to permanently stabilize my blood sugars and keep them stable without any fluctuations as I normally had.

Why ? It´s very simple!

Because I found the right nutritional approach.

And let me tell you right now, it´s not what your diabetes doctor will tell you.

People who follow their doctors advice are getting worse and worse, and more and more medications are needed. And it´s a very vicious cycle.

You can break that vicious cycle, and get off your diabetes medications. Take back your health, vitality and happiness with my guidelines on how to do this optimally.

I´ll let you in on these secrets in my new e-book which is a direct result of about 10 years of studying and researching type 2 diabetes.



This E-book will give you a true and indepth understanding of Type 2 Diabetes, which is important, because without it, how can you take the right action ? – Well, you can´t! 

Most people underestimate this!. They think just eat healthy, and that´s actually true, but you need to know how to do this properly otherwise you won´t succeed.

We take our readers on a little journey with type 2 diabetes so they can fully comprehend the extent of diabetes and the many issues it creates in the body. Please don´t get discouraged!. That might sound difficult!, but it´s not because my solution will address all these issuses at the same time.

It´s an easy read, and we have kept it short and to the point without any fluff, so it would be as easy as possible for anyone who desires to reverse their diabetes to do so.  

What you’ll learn

and much much more…

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Nisha Priyanka – Sweden

The book, Type 2 Diabetes Mastery by Jesper Sorensen educates you about a condition and encourages you to do something about it. I like the step by step plan to take control of Type 2 diabetes as it talks about carb intake, fat intake and how to make lifestyle changes that can be kept. The author has told about what they don’t usually tell you about Diabetes, it contains interesting and fundamental information on core diabetes topics many of which are not fully understood by many diabetics in the modern world. While the entire world is talking only about low carb intake, this book talks about how one should be careful with even healthy fats. I believe this book provides trustworthy health information which is reliable all the time. Jesper had lived with diabetes himself, studied it and reversed it permanently with his own knowledge about it which he fully shared in this book. This book creates positivity as the author guides to practical tips of putting T2D to complete remission. He is a certified health coach who spent his life studying holistic medicine and researching diabetes. He has come up with only natural methods, allowing the body to heal itself which makes us realise that we are definitely a part of nature. Kudos to the author Jesper Sorensen for his invaluable service.

The ebook Type 2 Diabetes Mastery by Jesper Sørensen is comforting to read. While getting diagnosed Type 2 diabetic can be devastating to hear this ebook clearly shows there’s a way for long and happy life with type 2 diabetes. Myself being type 1 diabetic this book gives good instructions for healthier living. Jesper shows his deep expertise in the subject. Ebook is easy to read and to understand. I highly recommend you to read this ebook if you or your family member is diabetic

Mikko Tuominen – Helsinki

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