I have a passion for health; getting the body healthy to aid in weight loss and high blood sugar.

A little bit about me

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2007, and was basically told it was an incurable disease as my blood sugars wouldn´t come down to the normal level, and that I needed to manage it with either diet or with insulin tablets.

I chose to manage it through diet. And diet-wise, I was told to basically eat meat, salad and vegetables and to let go of potatoes, pasta and rice to be able to keep my blood sugars at the right level. Below 140 mg/dl. Cakes and bisque I was told I could have on the weekends.

With this advice I managed to keep my blood sugars down at the right level for some time (below 140 mg/dl) but eventually they rose to high up and I needed to find a solution to keep my blood sugars low.

This led me to research the internet for solutions, and I did find a few that worked very well but they weren´t fully able to stabilize my blood sugars at the normal level but very close to normal. I think I hit the 100 mg/dl a few times but weren´t able to keep them there with the advice given.

I decided to immerse myself in further studies to find a solution for my diabetes and became a certified health coach in the Berg method in 2018. Through my studies I discovered what had been the missing link for me in fully being able to stabilize my blood sugars. And it was a combination of eradicating food cravings and cleansing my liver that was missing piece in stabilizing my blood sugar levels.

Now today when I follow a certain lifestyle, doing a few simple things for my diabetes I am able to have normal and stable blood sugar levels.

Desiring to help others

Because I have been able to llose weight and stabilize my own blood sugars levels, I have a passion to help others do the same. And to raise awareness that Type 2 Diabetes is not a chronic disease as it is said to be. And today a good deal of health professionals with a more holistic world view can testify to this.

It is my sincere wish to be able to help you lose weight and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Have a look around and read my blog posts. You´ll soon have more info about whats needed to lose weight and stabilize blood sugar.


Jesper Sørensen

Founder Body Reset Method

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