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Naturally Lose Stubborn Weight, And Lower High Blood Sugar 

What would it be like if you could finally lose those extra pounds ?, and lower your high blood sugar ?

No more extra pounds

No more high blood sugar 

No more worries about what to eat and what not to eat

No more fears and feelings of anxieties obesity and high blood sugar cause.

…and no more checking and testing blood sugar all the time.

But instead…

Losing those extra pounds, and having amazing blood sugar consistently, which all together will give you your energy and vitality back!

Does that sound good ?

Do you believe it´s possible ?

Hi my name is Jesper Sorensen. Yup! that´s me on the photo.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2007.

When diagnosed, I was given the option to control my blood sugar either through taking insulin tablets or through healthy diet.

I chose the latter option to control it through diet because i really didn´t want to get on insulin.

I was informed by my doctor to basically only eat salad, meat and vegetables as I was told to cut out foods like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread from my diet as they are high in carbohydrates and I needed to avoid them.

This was very difficult because I loved those foods. And it was particularly difficult to let go of bread and potatoes. If you´ve been diagnosed with diabetes I bet you can relate.

I did the best to follow my doctors advice – and it worked for some time until there came a day where I no longer was able to keep my sugars low anymore. My blood sugars rose up quite high and I couldn´t get them down again despite my efforts. And I knew right away that I needed to find a solution for my high blood sugar to avoid getting on insulin and medications.

Therefore, I went on the internet to find an alternative solution for my high blood sugar and weight gain.

At that time, that was in 2012 I had heard about other people being succesful in reversing their diabetes, and so I though heck!…I´d give it a try!

So I began searching for cure plans for for type 2 diabetes on the internet…and to cut a very long story short. I found a few cure-plans that somewhat worked for me, and also a few that didn´t work at all.

From those that somewhat worked for me, I gathered some important information about how to eat in the right way with weight issues and type 2 diabetes.

But it wasn´t until I discovered some important information in a lecture on the internet about how to optimize my health in a certain way, and putting that into practice that my blood sugar actually began to return to normal and my stubborn belly fat began to dimish too.

So I´m here to tell you that indeed it´s possible to do this in a natural way without the medications and expensive supplements.

And it´s not some magical solution because that doesn´t exist. There is no magic formula or magical pill that will make you lose weight or put your diabetes into remission.

But my solution is an entirely new and natural approach that works to rid the body off insulin resistance so you can lose weight and lower blood sugar.

Putting this approach into practice and seeing it worked for me, made me naturally want to share it with others who were in the same boat and looking for answers too. This lead me to write my approach down and document my process for how to lose stubborn weight and lower high blood sugar.

Based on that, I´ve created an Easy Eating Strategy, for people who struggle with stubborn weight and high blood sugar to get rid of these symptoms naturally and safely without expensive supplements and medication.

It´s a simple strategy that anyone can learn in a few hours, and begin put into practice.

It addresses the main questions and struggles 

  • what should I eat, and what shouldn´t I be eating
  • which diet should I go on ?
  • how can I lose those extra pounds ? No matter what I do, my belly fat just won´t come off!!

It answers these questions, and puts and end to this struggle and worry for ever, and shows you crystal clear what´s healthy for you and what you should be eating and what you shouldn´t be eating.

I call it, ‘Easy Eating Strategy’ – To Lose Stubborn Weight, And Lower High Blood Sugar

And inside, I am going to show you how you easily can lose stubborn weight, and lower high blood sugar in as little as a couple of weeks with healthy nutrition.

You’ll even be able to reduce your medication, and get rid of them altogether if your diabetes isn’t too advanced.

‘Easy Eating Strategy’ – To Lose Stubborn Weight, And Lower High Blood Sugar

This easy eating strategy is for losing stubborn weight, and lowering high blood sugar, and anyone can learn it in less than a couple of hours and put into practice right away.

With My Easy Eating Strategy You’ll:
  • Discover an easy strategy that will help you get your body healthy so you can begin to lose weight again.
  • Learn the simple reason why you struggle with stubborn weight, and how to naturally solve it
  • Never worry about what to eat, and what not to eat again.
  • Discover the ‘secret’ to weight loss. No supplements needeed
  • Discover the 4 critical foods that keep you insulin resistant so you can cut drastically down on them.
  • Get proven strategies to increase your health


Here’s Everything You Get…

Easy Eating Strategy to lose weight, and lower blood sugar

My Easy Eating Strategy for losing stubborn weight and lowering high blood sugar ($27 Value)

Easy eating strategy foundation: Food is medicine. Showcases the optimal foods to eat for each meal to naturally reset your metabolism for weight loss and lowering of high blood sugar.

Consume fiber rich natural wholefoods as a strategy to get healthy: I.e for healthy microbiome, optimal digestion and gut enzyme production for optimal metabolism, weight loss and optimal health. 

We’ll show you how easily to create a healthy lifestyle change and healthy habits.

DFY 10 step process to a complete healthy and lasting lifestyle change for weight loss, blood sugar, and optimal health.


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