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Get 10x Faster Weight Loss Results With ‘Body Reset Method’

Discover a simple 4 step process that will speed up your weight loss results 10x quicker!

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Body Reset Method – Ignite Your Metabolism For A Healthier & Slimmer YOU!

Body Reset Method is a new approach to naturally resetting your metabolism for healthy weight loss. It will take you directly into treating the underlying causes of your weight loss problems with healthy nutrition. 

´Body Reset Method´ is a direct weight loss solution developed based on our Easy Eating Strategy that focusses on the right way of living for a healthier lifestyle. It´s the perfect solution when you want weight loss and better health right here right now as it focusses directly on removing the causes of your stubborn weight problems.

 what we offer 

Course Benefits

  • Get a proven method to naturally reset your metabolism
  • The greatest weight loss myth exposed!
  • Discover the ‘secret’ to weight loss. No supplements needeed!
  • Reset your metabolism, re-activate your fat-burning capacity, lose weight, and lower your blood sugar
  • Discover the right way of living for optimal metabolic health
  • Never worry about what to eat, and what not to eat again.
  • Discover the 4 critical foods that keep you obese so you can cut drastically down on them.



“After using just one of his strategies I have lowered my blood sugar with more than 10% in only 1 week”. Amazing.. – I highly recommend it!

patrick – usa

Finally getting great weight loss results

I´ve struggled a great deal with losing stubborn weight, and tried many tips from the health gurus. But it was after using Jesper´ strategies in his 4 step natural method I finally began to see great results.  I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight.

Mikko Tuominen – helsinki

Course content

Here is everything you’ll get:

Body Reset Method($47 value)

Module 1

Foundation: Healthy Nutrition Is Medicine

Food is medicine. Healthy foods are nutrient dense foods that help our body grow and heal. 

Module 2

How To Fix A Broken Metabolism

This module will teach you how naturally to fix your broken metabolism. And will shed light on myths about optimizing your metabolism.

Module 3

Step 1: Emptying Your “Cup”

This module will teach you how to empty your “cup” – meaning getting rid of sugar (energy) in your body so you can begin to get healthier and begin to lose weight again instead of constantly being in fat-storing mode and storimg energy as fat on your belly.

Module 4

Step 2: Skip The Traditional Breakfast

The traditional breakfast: Bread, juice and cereal breakfast isn’t healthy, and will spike your sugar and insulin and keep you in the fat-storing state rather than the fat-burning state where you’re supposed to be. Instead of the traditional breakfast we’ll show you a healthier approach by getting the right nutrition for breakfast that will help restoring your metabolism and get you healthy.

Module 5

Step 3: Get Fiber Rich Natural Whole Foods 

Fibers are important for our health and we should get the from plant-based natural wholefoods which are extremely good for weight loss, and getting your gut and metabolism healthy again.

Module 6

Step 4: Do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is extremely important and is a way of eating, stop eating and eating again and it gives your pancreas a break from realeasing insulin, and so it’s a good strategy to lower your insulin and blood sugar  so your metabolism can become healthy again. 


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