To lose weight is difficult for many overweight and diabetic people. And the reason is that most people do it wrong. They go on a diet to lose weight. And unfortunately this doesn’t work because all diets do is help people to lose a lot of water, and not fat.

This article weight loss for type 2 diabetes will help you discover why diets don’t actually work, and what you as a diabetic and overweight person needs to do to shed those extra pounds.

Diets Don’t Work to Lose Weight for Diabetics

The biggest error overweight and diabetic people make when they want to lose weight is going on a diet.

Basically diets like a low calorie diet, a low carbohydrate diet, and a low fat diet don’t work, unless you do them right. And most people don’t do that because they are misinformed about nutrition from society.

So here is what happens when people go on a diet. A diet means you cut back on eating too much food for a while and then later go back to eating normally when the diet is over.

In this time, as long as the diet last, you might lose some weight in the beginning, but that is mostly just water, and not actually any fat. And when the diet is over, and you go back to eating normally again you’ll gain all the weight back on and more.

The reason for this is that you have deprived your body of nutrients when you go on a low calorie diet and this slows down the metabolism so that when the diet is over you’ll just gain all the weight back on and more.

The key to weight loss is to get all the nutrients you need without cutting back on any of them.

So the solution to lose weight is not to go on a diet. But to create a healthy and lasting dietary change that will help to get your body healthy.

Yes! The key is to get your body healthy, because then the weight loss will naturally occur. I.e, a healthy body will naturally slim down. Don´t even focus on loosing weight. But focus on healthy living.

There be a reason that obese people got obese. And that is unhealthy living, and/or stress that alters the hormone, insulin, to rise to high in the body.

Insulin Is a Fat Burning And a Fat Storing Hormone

Obese people are in what we can categorize as the fat storing mode. Simply because they have a too high insulin level causing them to store fat rather than burning it.

So the key to weight loss is to lower the insulin level, and to increase insulin sensitivity by eating the right kind of food. All obese people have some insulin resistance, causing them to be obese.

Insulin Resistance is Caused By Too Much Animal Fat In The Diet

Insulin Resistance be a condition where the cells block out insulin. As a result both the blood glucose level and the insulin level gets too high in the blood stream. And as a result the excess insulin stores the excess fat from the diet in the adipose tissue and other places in the body. Usually around the organs and this fat is known as visceral fat.

The Insulin Resistance is caused by too much fat in the diet causing the cell´s insulin receptors to withdraw themselves so that the insulin cannot be used. In other words the cells wall out insulin because they already are well-fed by the fat.

Fat as well as glucose (sugar) can act as a fuel instead of glucose. And when our diets are too high in fat, the fat enters the cells first before the glucose gets to the cell.

How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity

You can increase your insulin sensitivity by eating carbohydrates such as fruit and berries and vegetables. These are also called the complex carbohydrates and are healthy for you.

I know many people believe that fruits are not healthy for you because they have too much sugar. They are being taught this by health professionals. For example diabetic people are being told to avoid carbohydrates because they raise the blood sugar too high, and are instead advised to go on a LCHF diet. But this actually makes everything worse because it is the high among of fat that is the cause of diabetes. Sure they may great blood sugar by not eating all these carbs, but they are worsening their insulin resistance.

The Fruit Myth

Fruits are not actually unhealthy for diabetics and obese people. They are actually part of the cure. Because these foods help cleanse the liver and the fat stored in the cells.

The reason that fruits are healthy is that, even though they have a high amount of sugar. That sugar isn´t bad for you, because, as opposed to the sugar in refined carbohydrates, they are attached to nutrients, whereas in refined carbohydrates, they are empty calories which are bad for you and destroy your health.


A healthy diet for obese people be a diet low in fat and high in natural whole foods such as

  • fruit
  • berries
  • vegetables
  • plant based proteins.

Instead of animal proteins, which contain the fat that is the cause of insulin resistance, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The above mentioned food help to cleanse out the system and help people regain their insulin sensitivity. Then the body will again enter the fat burning state and the extra kilos will go off.

So a low fat plant based whole food diet would be the ideal solution for weight loss.

Something else which is also a good strategy for weight loss is to do Intermittent fasting. See our previous article on intermittent fasting here.

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